Why Does a Chapter 7 Cost So Much?

Chapter 7  bankruptcy fees in Michigan are usually charged as a “flat-fee,” but these can vary depending upon the experience of your attorney and the complexity of your case. When you pay a retainer fee to an experienced bankruptcy attorney, however, you are paying for the experience and security that you need in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which not only your bankruptcy discharge but also your personal assets are at stake.

To read more, read The Hilla Law Firm’s full post regarding Chapter 7 fees on our Michigan bankruptcy website here.

4 responses to “Why Does a Chapter 7 Cost So Much?

  1. You make a great point – often times people look at the hourly rate and think that it is overpriced. But what most don’t do, and they should, is look at the hourly rate vs. the payoff. You will save so much money with a Chapter 7 filing that the cost really is negligible.

  2. Thanks, Steven! For most people, it’s quite understandable that hearing the cost of legal services feels like leaping into a cold swimming pool, but I think it’s always important, for anyone, to keep the cost-benefit ratio in mind …

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  4. I have recently completed the nightmare of filing Ch 7 pro se. There is NO QUESTION about how much you all earn! Sure, I saved us over $1000 by doing in myself, and I learned a whale of a lot! But the stress, aggravation, and worry about “did I do it right” has born painful witness as to the value of a good,honest, competent bankruptcy attorney.

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