What Is The Means Test and How Does It Work in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The Means Test is both the test for Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility and the means of determining whether you may file a 36 or 60-month Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan and potentially governing the amount of your monthly Chapter 13 plan payment.

To read more about the Means Test, click here to read our full article on the Means Test in Michigan Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy on the new Michigan Bankruptcy Blog of The Hilla Law Firm, PLLC.

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10 responses to “What Is The Means Test and How Does It Work in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

  1. Your post was very helpful, even though I am still fuzzy on 25% of the unsecured debt scenario. Sounds like its either 60 X disposable income after expenses OR if 25% of unsecured debt is greater than $10,000.. is this correct? My first portion comes out ineligible at $55k however 25% is at $11,000. Can this be used as well?

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  3. At last! Someone who undretsadns! Thanks for posting!

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