Michigan Bankruptcy Lawyer: Best of the Bankruptcy Basics

I began this blog only last December, and, although six months is not a lot of time to assess the effectiveness of anything, one thing that has become clear to me is the number of people interested in very basic information about bankruptcy. The ground-level hows and whys and whens remain a mystery to many people, despite the huge amount of information about bankruptcy available on the internet and elsewhere. The posts I’ve written here that address some of these basic questions are among the most-viewed, far exceeding the readership of my posts addressing very specific issues within the framework of bankruptcy.

Therefore, for the benefit of any new readers who may stumble upon this blog, I’d like to take the opportunity, to point toward some of my previous posts that have touched upon the very basic basics of bankruptcy. Wondering where to get started? Try reading these first, below, first.

If you are a southeast Michigan resident and are considering filing for bankruptcy, please contact me at (866) 674-2317 or john@hillalaw.com to schedule a free, initial consultation.

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