Will Filing Bankruptcy Hurt My Immigration Status?

There is no requirement that a person filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Michigan be a citizen, have a Social Security Number, or even be located in Michigan. However, if tax debts are owed, there can be an impact upon a US Citizenship application.

To read more about bankruptcy and your immigration status, click here to read our full post on this topic on the new Michigan Bankruptcy Blog of The Hilla Law Firm, PLLC.

If you are a southeast Michigan resident and are considering filing for bankruptcy, please contact me at (866) 674-2317 or john@hillalaw.com to schedule a free, initial consultation.

2 responses to “Will Filing Bankruptcy Hurt My Immigration Status?

  1. The information provided on immigration was very useful.It is always good to know that their are blogs so dedicated to

    providing information that is seriously concerned with the reader’s needs.Thanks for sharing your insights with us

    through your blog.

  2. Jacob, if you wouldn’t mind re-posting this comment, I would love to hear your entire thought … Looks like you were cut off somewhat here. Thanks!

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