Michigan Means Test Median Income Numbers Updated!

The Michigan means test median household income numbers were updated again on March 15, 2011. Unlike the prior update on 11/1/2010, the numbers rose this time, so this is good news for “on-the-edge” potential Chapter 7 filers whose household incomes may have been hovering on the edge.

The new numbers are:

  • Household of 1 Person:     $42,562
  • Household of 2 Persons:   $50,738
  • Household of 3 Persons:   $60,161
  • Household of 4 Persons:   $71,758

Not a huge bump, just around $1,000 or so per household, but every little bit can often make the difference in determining whether someone is elgible for a Chapter 7 or must file a Chapter 13 instead.

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