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Can Bankruptcy Stop My Garnishment?

Consumers who have had difficulty making ends meet often find themselves on the wrong end of a court judgement after their creditors have taken them to court to pursue their debt. These judgements typically result in wage or tax-refund garnishment, often at the expense of the consumer’s ability to pay more pressing necessities, such as rent, a mortgage payment, or medical expenses.

That being the case, the first question I often hear from potential clients is, “Can filing for bankruptcy stop this garnishment?!?” Sometimes the garnishment has already begun, sometimes it is imminent, but it is always a great worry to consumers who do not have a penny to spare from their paychecks when it comes to simply keeping a roof over their children’s heads that month.

Bankruptcy, however, can stop a garnishment cold in its tracks. To read more, click here to read our full article on stopping wage, bank account, or tax return garnishment with a Michigan Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy on the new Michigan bankruptcy blog of The Hilla Law Firm, PLLC.

If you are suffering from an income loss due to garnishment or will soon have your wages or other incoming funds garnished, please contact me us at john@hillalaw.com or (866) 674-2317  to schedule a free, initial consultation, and we will work together to secure the monthly income you depend on.