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Is My Social Security Overpayment Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

Social security overpayments are dischargeable in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy so long as no fraud was engaged in when the overpayment occurred.

But, if you just received a check in the mail and used it, how do you know if the SSA or State of Michigan might thing you’ve engaged in fraud?

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Is Social Security “Income” in Bankruptcy?

Social Security benefits, both age benefits and disability benefits, are and also are NOT considered “income” within the bankruptcy process in a couple of different ways.

Income is considered in the bankruptcy process both as a measure of a debtor’s eligibility for Chapter 7 (as opposed to Chapter 13) bankruptcy and as a measure of the debtor’s ability to repay creditors some portion of the debt owed to them on monthly average basis.

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